Following document shows our company’s (UKAssignmentHub) privacy policy, which we strictly follow. Here at UKAssignmentHub we strongly believe in customer’s privacy protection. Whenever a customer visits our site and/or places an order for any of our provided services, he/she automatically agrees to our company’s privacy policy. Customers are strongly advised to thoroughly and carefully read UKAssignmentHub privacy policy.


    We collect several types of information about a customer for several reasons. Some information is collected to communicate with our customers and some information is collected to make sure a better user experience for existing as well as future customers.


    When a visit to our site is made, a small chunk of your data is stored as a part of cookies. If you don’t wish to share the data, you can disable the setting from your browser.


    The prior aim of our company is to maintain the privacy of our clients and by no means do we share your personal information with third parties or organisations. Information is only given to the staff that are authorised with the aim of processing orders. However, in some notable cases, we do have to reveal your personal information (with reference to law), but that is only for enhancing service’s policies and protecting the company’s rights. The company reserves a right to disclose non-personal information for marketing purposes or organising surveys.


    UKAssignmentHub reserves the right to alter or change the above-mentioned privacy policy whenever needed.
    Our company reserves the right to change the privacy policy without any prior notice. If a customer has any issue with any part of our privacy policy, the client should feel free to write to us.


    We may use your email address to send you promotional or marketing email, but only after getting an authorization from you. If later, at any time you want to unsubscribe to our newsletters, you should contact us via email and work on your request will start immediately.